Presidential Probability Puzzle Simulator

Click here to simulate the Presidential Probability Puzzle.

Is the probability 1/2 (50%) or 2/3 (66.7%)?

* Send improvement suggestions to John at domain mazes,com

I need some free PHP advice.

Do you know PHP? I need help coding a simple Input/Output on Server to keep track of grand total of everyone's trials.

  1. Delay if file tags say another client is updating file
  2. But continue anyway if delay is too long
  3. Tag file so other clients know file is being updated
  4. Open file, read four numbers as regular Comma delimited text
  5. Increment some of those values
  6. Write updated numbers back to beginning of file
  7. Close file
  8. Untag file so next client knows file is available
    * * If you have free advice, I'd love to add global totals to this program.