I found out in August that one of my new friends, a pastor, is on a gluten-free diet. He has to be careful at church picnics and pot lucks. When I found out that Amazon has a Gluten-Free sale going on, I quickly put together this page with stuff I've learned since he and I visited for two hours in early August (before the second time I heard him preach). Unfortunately, I'm not currently able to visit his church, but I do have his e-mail.

If a restaurant has a buffet, a gluten-free diner might have an easier time, but he still has to worry about cross-contamination. For example, if the same utensil is used in two different dishes, some gluten might have been brought over from a gluten-loaded dish into an otherwise gluten-free dish.

Safer might be to talk to a restaurant in advance. A reporter in England managed to work with Pizza Hut to get a gluten-free pizza, even though it was not something they served. Read her review here.

Amazon Prime members can get free books

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can not only get free shipping on many products, you can earn free books. Click the link to get a FREE-TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.

Here is how I'm earning credits for a future book purchase.

  1. Click one item that is marked PRIME
  2. Check out that item
  3. Change shipping option to the one that gives you a $1 book discount (slower shipping speed)
  4. Complete the purchase
  5. Repeat this process for each item that is marked PRIME.
  6. Amazon will often combine multiple orders into one box.
You can also get the $1 future credit on items that are not marked prime, if they get free shipping once you get to the minimum order size to get free shipping. Just lump all those items together, then do the same thing as above.

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