(Satire) by: Thomas Jefferson (Third President of the United States) *, January 27, 1801

U.S. Senate confirms Supreme Court Nominee in Seven Days in Election Year

McConnell and Graham object to historic John Marshall's nomination to be Chief Justice

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced, immediately after the U.S. Senate confirmed President Adams's nomination of John Marshall to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, "Our Senate was wrong to confirm John Marshall. His nomination is in violation of the Constitute," Marshall declared, "because this nomination took place during the last year of Adams presidency."

He added, upon further urging by his cohort in crime, Lindsey Graham, "President Adams lost the election three months ago, and should not be allowed to make one nomination to the Supreme Court, must less two. John Jay did the right thing by refusing the first nomination, and John Marshall should have refused the second nomination. The Senate should have filibustered and obstructed this nomination and taken many days to block all of President Adam's appointments so that history would remember our obstructionism."

Graham added this information, "History will prove that we are right in our objection to Chief Justice Marshall's many years of service as Chief, and our political descendents will take much longer to make decisions, filibuster nominations, and force the Supreme Court to be short one person for over a year just because of their stubbornness and childishness.

President Adams and President-Elect Jefferson agreed that McConnell and Graham were merely showing their childishness by refusing to follow the example set by the Founding Fathers, who were allowed and encouraged to make Supreme Court nominations in the final months of their Presidencies, and who held hearings so quickly that many early nominations were confirmed in a matter of days. Mr. Third President Jefferson added the comment, "Search the Internet and you will know that we are right."

The above is satire, but it is based on facts.

After Trump's declaration that the people should decide that Rubio is not allowed to be President, he susserated:

"Needless to say," he muttered, thinking himself to be unheard,
"I hope nobody finds out my mother was born in Scotland.
If they do, I'll be forced to admit that Obama and Rubio are both qualified."

Trump wants the voters to decide if Rubio's parentage (parents born in Cuba) should prevent him from being President. By the same logic, Trump's parentage (mother born in Scotland) should prevent him from being President.

Either that, or he should backtrack and admit that Obama is qualified to be President, since the Supreme Court did rule that President Chester Arthur was a "natural born" citizen of the United States in spite of his father being born in England.

(It is funny how some Republicans are declaring that only the Father's parentage counts in "natural born" decisions. I've got news for those naysayers, "Natural Birth is not possible without the mother's cooperation.")

** Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Marshall